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Konya Takkeli Dağ’da 9 yıldır yürütülen kazılarda 35 kaya mezarı bulundu



Konya Takkeli Dağ'da 9 yıldır yürütülen kazılarda 35 kaya mezarı bulundu

Helenistik, Roma, Bizans, Selçuklu, Karamanoğulları ve Osmanlı’nın izlerini taşıyan Takkeli Dağ’da 9 yıldır yürütülen kazılarda önemli bulgulara ulaşılıyor.

Zirvesinde tarihi surlar, çok sayıda su sarnıcı ve tapınak barındıran ve tarihi kaynaklarda “Gevele Dağı” olarak da isimlendirilen yerde, bugüne kadar Fatih Sultan Mehmet dönemine ait gülleler ile saray ve hamam yapıları, gizli geçitler, çok sayıda seramik parça ve savaş materyalleri bulundu.

Kazının bilimsel danışmanlığını yürüten Necmettin Erbakan Üniversitesi (NEÜ) Sosyal ve Beşeri Bilimler Fakültesi Sanat Tarihi Bölüm Başkanı Prof. Dr. Ahmet Çaycı, AA muhabirine, dağın doğu ve batı yamaçlarında çalıştıklarını söyledi.

Bölgede önceki kazılarda Roma dönemine ait kaya mezarlarına rastlandığını aktaran Çaycı, Takkeli Dağ’ın eteklerinde Roma eserlerinin görüldüğünü aktardı.

Kaya mezarları 3-4’üncü yüzyıl dönemi

Elde edilen bulguların, bölgenin tarih boyunca ne kadar yoğun şekilde ilgi gördüğünün göstergesi olduğuna işaret eden Çaycı, şöyle konuştu:

“Daha önce tespit ettiklerimizle kaya mezarı sayısı 35’e çıktı. Bu da şunu gösteriyor; kalenin etekleri nekropol alanı. Kaya mezarları olan bir yapı ortaya çıktı. Şu anda yoğun şekilde çalışmalar devam ediyor. Kaya mezarları 3-4’üncü yüzyıl dönemi. Anadolu’nun muhtelif yerlerinde karşılaştığımız doğal kayalara oyulmuş, tek veya çift odalı örneklerine rastladık. Bu yönüyle Kilistra ve çevresini dışında tutarsak Konya’da bu tarzda çok rastlanan bir durum değil.”

Çaycı, kale eteklerindeki bu alanın bölgeye zenginlik kattığına işaret ederek, “Nekropol alanı bulunmuş olması burada büyük bir zenginlik. Bu, kaleye de bir zenginlik katıyor. Buluntular daha çok bu döneme aitti. Şimdi de 3 ile 4’üncü yüzyıla ve daha erken tarihe giden buluntular var. Bu da alanın zenginliğe işarettir.” diye konuştu.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Çaycı, kazının Selçuklu Belediyesi, Konya Müzeler Müdürlüğü ve NEÜ iş birliğinde yürütüldüğünü sözlerine ekledi.


Term Paper Help




This is the place to go if you need help with term papers. The term papers are an arduous assignment that calls for extensive investigation as well as a clear outline as well as proofreading. Although it may seem like simple work, it isn’t the case. It is quite hard. Find out some useful tips and advice on the writing of term papers. It will be surprising the amount you can accomplish using a little help from a professional.

It isn’t an easy task

The process of writing term papers may seem difficult. It’s generally more difficult to investigate difficult topics write my essay for me cheap than easy ones. This topic could also require minimal or no understanding of the subject. In some cases, teachers can be confused. The students may find creating difficult when working full-time or other commitments. The good news is that term paper writing services are specialized in such topics and fields.

The writing of term papers can be lengthy task. A typical term paper could contain between 15 and 20 pages in length. However, due to the sheer quantity of information, it takes a lot of time editing. Though you could be tempted to rush through this step, you must take note that it’s equally crucial as the other steps of the writing process. The process is equally essential as the creation of your paper. It is essential to take sufficient time.

The writing of term papers is a vital component of academic studies as well as a challenging assignment. The term paper will test students’ understanding of a subject as well as their written skills in a technical manner. Writing a term essay requires lots of research as well as analysis and organizing which requires a superior degree of technical and writing skills. Yet, there are ways to improve your chances of passing a term essay.

No matter what theme you pick the process of writing term papers could be an overwhelming task. Most students do not finish writing their term papers since there are so many things to contemplate. This article should aid you in making the entire process as effortless as you can. There are several suggestions and strategies you can apply to ensure that your term essay’s achievement. If you don’t feel confident in your writing skills you might consider hiring someone to complete it for you.

It is a must to have a carefully designed outline

The outline consists of a couple of key elements: an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. Different instructors may require different styles of outline for their documents. Certain instructors favor an outline that includes the principal headings written in complete sentences, while subheadings are shorter sentences. Different instructors will also have various methods of numbering and lettering the subheadings. These tips can be customized to meet the requirements of your teacher.

The structure of an outline is composed of a list help write my essay paper of major topics as well as points. A grouping of similar topics is called an outline. For example, if you’re writing about development of technology like, say, an outline must be split into an introduction, body, and the conclusion. Use Roman numerals for main ideas and Arabic or lower-case letters for the subtopics. After you have chosen an outline, now is the time to begin writing.

After choosing a topic, you need to think about your key points and assess your material. Then, you must decide on subheadings and headings. An example of this is an introduction. is a way to introduce the subject and thesis. The thesis should discuss the topic, past attempts, and consequences. These headings will summarize some of the most important aspects. The outline should conclude by providing a summary or conclusion. This should encourage the reader to further read or speak about the subject. If you don’t have an outline, your professor will not have the ability to defend the topic.

It’s difficult to write without an outline. It can be difficult to arrange your thoughts and stay on track if there isn’t an outline. Your argument could fall apart if you include additional details on the wrong places. Developing an outline will ensure the writing stays focused and well-organized. The outline could end up being an important supporting element near the end, but smaller details might be more appropriate towards the beginning of the piece.

It is necessary to proofread

This is not limited to reviewing your writing’s grammar and spelling. The process also includes detecting any errors in capitalization or punctuation. In addition to identifying errors, proofreading also addresses content and style, grammar and syntax. Many clients ask for proofreading services. Here are some recommendations for services to be proofread that are likely to provide the best results. Here are the top advantages of hiring proofreaders to review your manuscript.

LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an immensely famous business and job site that lets you connect with others and submit applications for jobs listed by recruiters. The profile you create should contain professional photos, a summary of your professional experience, and an overview of your experience. Once you’ve completed your profile, you’re able to look for proofreading opportunities on the internet. You can set up job alerts and have relatives or friends recommend that you apply. The following are some more alternatives to think about when looking for web-based proofreading positions.

Concentrating on one mistake per sentence can also be a good way to aid in proofreading. Your attention will wander and you’ll be inefficient should you try to proofread spelling or punctuation in one go. Additionally, changing text could cause more errors than before. This is why it is important to pay attention to a particular area at a time. It will help you avoid confusion during proofreading. Start with the initial formatting.

Take your time reading your text slowly to check it for errors. It is a good idea to read your work out loud if possible. This helps you catch mistakes, and you’ll see how it sounds. If you’ve composed the text in your head, you can read it out loud several times. This will help you spot any typos or spelling mistakes that you not noticed. This isn’t a final item. It is an ongoing process. This can improve the efficiency of your work and proofreading is just one of the advantages.

It’s pricey

Most students ask what the cost is for help with their term papers. Professional writers can help with the term essay. There are several benefits. The first is you will be sure of a top-quality paper. Additionally, it’ll be less expensive. Already, you’ve invested many years studying the theory and writing essays. Do you really want to risk your education If you’re not a good writer?

PayForEssay, a legit service, is offering top-notch writing services for any academic level. PayForEssay exclusively uses writers who are professional so you don’t have to worry about privacy or plagiarism. You will also be guaranteed a money-back guarantee in case your paper doesn’t meet the standards you expect. They have writers with master’s or PhD qualifications. So you can be confident that the work they do is unique and of high-end quality.

Numerous companies offer refunds for free and no-cost revisions as well as other services. Additionally, you may get a reimbursement in the event that your essay is copied or due. PayForEssay makes it easy to place an order. All you have do is complete the online form describing your assignment and choosing any additional service you’d like. Then, pay. Price of papers will vary based on the subject. Prices vary from $7.50 on research papers for high school to $35 to $35 for Ph.D dissertations.

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What to anticipate in Panel Portal Review articles




If you’re looking at board effort computer software, you can find several board webpages reviews on line. While these can be helpful, opt for what other people think of the software program. You should consider mean reviews or issues with particular board collaboration application. Also, check whether or not individuals who are leaving opinions are telling the truth. Some sites check to see whether their comments came from people who have actually acquired the product. This adds a credibility towards the content of an board website review.

Whether you need a aboard effort software to maintain board files, manage panel members’ info, or focus meeting source documentation, you should look for the features within a board portal review. Most of the leading board portals offer portable compatibility, through a mobile-friendly website or perhaps an software. Mobile-friendly features will make that easy for the board people to attend meetings from everywhere. They can as well access docs, send accounts, and update details with the click of a button.

A good table portal software program review ought to include features that will improve board meeting supervision, such as voting tools, research, and discussion boards. Additionally , the very best board websites will allow aboard members to collaborate on docs and set daily activities. In addition to these features, the very best board sites offer reliability and compliance with latest regulations. Check off features a knockout post that are important to both you and your aboard. There are many different aboard portal reviews online, so take the time to reading them properly.

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Top 10 Best Ant-virus Review




If you’re trying to find the best anti virus for Microsoft windows, you’ve arrive to the right place. We’ve reviewed several ant-virus software programs pertaining to Windows, and selected those that offer the highest possible level of protection and simplicity. However , there are some essential differences amongst the best cost-free antivirus and paid anti-virus software. While consumers tend to hate AVG’s name, the free malware is an excellent decision, and it earns high marks in unbiased testing labs.

TotalAV is a good choice for all those concerned about malwares protection, mainly because it protects against network hits and all forms of malware. Additionally, it includes a a comprehensive portfolio of extra security features, for example a VPN and a password manager. TotalAV is also easy to use, with a straightforward interface that lets users get on with all their daily lives. We were unable to find any errors during the assessment, which means that data room set up TotalAV is a solid choice in this category.

A good antivirus bundle protects your devices from digital dangers. The best antivirus services have the many up-to-date sources, so they can spot suspicious tendencies before they have fully revealed. These programs also have advanced artificial brains systems to detect and prevent destructive activities. This means a good anti-virus package will not only protect your PC, but also your cellular phone or tablet. So , precisely what are the best anti-virus programs? And exactly how do you select one?

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